Coaching with BZ

16 Jun

I have been on a two-day blogging hiatus because I have been working on bringing in the cash flow during the day and coaching softball in the evening.

Last night my girls had their first summer game. I am co-coaching with one my best friends, Becky. Perhaps you remember her from this post?

Becky and I have always been friends. In fact, we played high school softball as well as travel ball together and then played against each other in college. I pitched, she caught. (I’d like to mention here that I liked pitching to Becky as my catcher in high school/travel ball much more than I liked pitching against her in college… she def did some damage to my ERA.)

So earned run average aside, Beck and I are back on the same team again. Coaching together last night was awesome/hilarious.

You should know, in case you do not already, Becky drops bombs (that means hits home runs for my non-softball readers…ehm, mom :)). In fact, she takes the ball yard more than most people I know. She was the most feared hitter in high school within 100+ miles, every pitcher’s worst nightmare in travel ball and she has taken that reputation with her into D-1 college ball.

Therefore last night while we were warming up our outfield for their game it was no surprise that the girls were busy sprinting backwards for balls. Considering that my outfield-hitting skills are sub-par, I gladly requested to warm up the infield and gave Beck the crappiest bat we had for the outfield warm up… she still couldn’t keep the ball in the park.

Although we did not win our game, the girls gained so much in terms of experience and so did the coaches. Becky and I sat on our buckets and helped the battery call pitches/set up hitters which became a laughing fest because apparently Beck and I did not remember the proper signals… or maybe the signals have changed since we were high schoolers. Regardless we had a catcher looking at us like we were signing in Chinese and a pitcher yelling from the circle, “I don’t know what that means?!” Note to self/Becky: Discuss the pitch calls BEFORE the game begins.

We play again on Monday and because a couple of the girls are going on vacation/having wisdom teeth removed, I may have to put some WD40 on my ole’ shoulder and toss a few innings to my dear friend, the power house hitter, Becky. Better to toss to her than against her, though. And we will certainly discuss the signals BEFORE the first pitch.


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