A REVOLUTION–No, I Didn’t Mean to Type Resolution.

4 Jan

Ok. I have a confession.

I may have, sort of lied.

First and foremost, I thrive on being a straight-shooter, tell-it-like-it-is kind of girl.  So I have to come clean…

Remember when I ranted and raved aimlessly about how I was so not conforming to society and making a resolution just because it was January 1? If you missed that little ramble session you can quickly get caught up… (click here).

Before I fully commit to this very public confession, though, I want you to know that I am by no means conforming–I’ve simply had an epiphany. Yes, an epiphany and realized that I already have an improvement to make…

Sadly, this said revolution (NOT to be confused with resolution*) has come to me after publicly bashing the band-wagon-New-Years-Resolutioners.  How not convenient.

So what’s my revolutionary new improvement?


I want to drop a few pounds. Exercise more. Eat a lil’ less. How creative, I know.

Let me be clear, I am by no means resolving to lose weight in 2012.  I am deciding to set attainable goals such as more exercise and less-frequent-teenage-boy-like-eating-fests. And it is simply a coincidence that I’ve set these higher standards during the resolution season after just openly posting my feelings on the New Years Resolution.

My point is, you don’t need a new year to start clean.  You can start over with anything– your eating habits, your exercise habits, your nose picking habbits… (ok that was gross)–at anytime. It is this whole, ‘I am going to reinvent myself because it’s a new year,’ bit that I am not buying into–not because it is a bad idea. It isn’t a bad idea.  But because I think you can make any change whenever you want. You just really have to want to.

See? Very different from a resolution. Obv.

So there it is. My confession. My non-resolution revolution.


One Response to “A REVOLUTION–No, I Didn’t Mean to Type Resolution.”


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