PSA: Chickpeas Act As Diet Exchange For Salt n’ Vinegar Chips. And They’re Good.

6 Jan

For those of you who are with me on the whole healthier eating binge lifestyle, you absolutely must bookmark your web browsers to this website I stumbled upon:

It is a vegan-friendly website and I’ve already made a few of the recipes. (Do NOT be intimidated by the vegan thing!)

Best. Online. Stumble. I’ve. Ever. Made.

I was drooling for some salt n’ vinegar chips the other day. And because deep-fried potatoes with massive amounts of salt and saturated fats don’t appear to fit into my newly redefined healthy eating standards, I thought I’d look for an alternative.  A healthy alternative. So I decided to  google healthy exchanges for salt n’ vinegar chips.

Thank God for Google, seriously.

This is where I found and immediately added it to my favorite bookmarks.

The recipe that brought to the attention of my web browser?

Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas.

image from

 Angela Liddon is the genius behind this recipe as well as everything you can find on   Click to it and check it out.  The website is full of amazing ideas for food–especially yummy desserts– and they are made with healthy, vegan-friendly ingredients. PLUS there are tons of other pieces of fun information about the web hostess herself, including her healthy-lifestyle story which is one I certainly connected with.

 You MUST check out this website. In fact, I am assigning it is as homework… and I will be checking…


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