A Mid-Week Shopping Excursion

15 Feb

I went shopping today.

And because I feel so wonderfully about the items I purchased, I’ve decided they need to be posted on the blog world for all to see.  But before you look through my purchases, you should know how cheap I am. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased something full price, as far as clothing is concerned.  I am on every email list, coupon site and I love to shop the sale rack.  In fact, I think of shopping the deals as somewhat of a game and that is probably why I have two dressers and a closet full of clothes.

Anyway, here are my purchases. Feel free to oh and ah over them 😉

Found this dress on sale. It easily converts from daytime/school-appropriate wear to out and about 20-something wear. In case you missed it, I like to complain about the difficulty of buying clothing that is both teacherish and young.  This dress achieves both professional and young AND can be dressed up with heals and jewelry or dressed down with gladiator sandals or wedges. Perfect fit.

Speaking of jewelry…

I am in love with fun jewelry. And I am even more in love with the fact that I got both of these rings for a total of $10 which saved me a total of $4. Plus, I can sport these with jeans, dress pants, dresses or skirts provided the outfit and the ring make sense together. Success.

What I am really dying to tell the internet about is this bomber jacket I found…

I will admit that the $14 off the original price was attractive.  And I have been dying to find a faux-leather jacket that isn’t shiny enough for me to check my makeup in.  BUT I am also a fan of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and when Aria wears her (probably-not-faux) leather jacket, I always feel a twinge of jealousy.  So long, jealousy!

Andddd my final mid-week shopping excursion purchase was spawned from being the recipient of a gift card.  I’ve been a fan of boat shoes for a while but I’ve never taken the plunge to purchase a “real” pair simply because I am cheap.  So when I found these lil’ loves on sale I knew I had to have them.

They had several color options.  I decided to roll with the metallic ones because the metallic made them look more fun than the plain brown ones. Plus the hot pink shoes would have been difficult to get a lot of use out of.  These look excellent with my khaki’s or can be worn with jeans. Added bonus: they are actually comfortable.

I saved a total of $57.95 from shopping the sales.  And if you include my $30 gift card, then I saved $87.95 today.

Nothing like a lil’ post birthday shopping spree!!!


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