Fight Like a Girl

22 Apr

One of my friends/college softball-travel-roomies said it best:

And while I wish I could say that Mel was just stating the obvious, she is speaking specifically in regards to the fact that my mom is currently having a recurrence of cancer.

We found out that my mom had cancer again a little while ago. My family decided that we didn’t want to tell anyone about it, not just yet.  But after letting the reality of it sink in and spending some time dealing with it ourselves, we decided it was time.

Yesterday, my mom posted on Facebook letting everyone know what was going on.  Roughly three hours after that post the Lady Penguins were slated for a game. During her initial diagnosis and fight, I was a playing my senior year of  college softball.  My teammates showed their support in many ways, but one way in particular was when they all showed up to senior night wearing teal bows in their hair.

Yesterday the Lady Penguins–some of whom do not even know me or my mother and some who are my very very close friends– wore teal bows during the first game of their series against Wright State.

It is amazing the amount of support your friends family can provide you with from 100+miles away. The Lady ‘Guins aren’t the only team supporting my mom though.  My other alma mater has been sporting these warm up shirts before every game all season…

…even though they didn’t know she was rediagnosed at the time, they decided to wear them; their support has been unwavering and we really appreciate it.

So this is a collective thank you, to everyone who has prayed for us, thought about us, sent some positivity our way this weekend.  It all helps!   One person in particular wrote something on Facebook in regards to my mom’s post about her recurrence that really provides the perfect conclusion to this post:

I turned on the floodlight here at the Lamp Post.  There is power in prayer.  Close your eyes and feel that power.  It is being sent to you from me and these 20 people who commented above me, and the 20 others who read this post and aren’t sure what to say, and the 20 more each person tells.  We’re all behind you, beside you, and beneath you.  Call any one of us when you need anything–even if it’s just a word of encouragement.  Love you!
~Eloise Hawking

2 Responses to “Fight Like a Girl”

  1. Maggie Westcott April 22, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    Sending you the power of prayer and positive thinking<3 we love you!

  2. Cammy Pakela April 23, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    Prayer is powerful and it seems we have many people praying. This can only be positive. Love you, Grandma

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