Paranormal Activity?

24 Jun

Honestly, I can’t say that I believe in paranormal activity. And I am the kind of girl who can’t watch scary movies or I’ll pee the bed/sleep on my parents bedroom floor. Don’t judge me, I can so tell you think that’s lame.

I am a whimp. Ok. There, I’ve admitted it.

But when my best friend, Becky, texted me to invite me and my mom to join her and her mom (Mar) on a ghost walk, I was more than excited to go.

 So Mar called and made reservations for four. We met up with 30+ other people, who were all apparently interested in the ghost walk too, for the start of a spooktacular evening.

Upon arriving we met Captain Bob. Bob was ghost-story-clad in his collared, jean Eerie Erie button down, paired with a black leather hat, black smoking pipe and cast iron lantern.  The ghost tour spanned 2 hours and 30 minutes and covered 1 mile total.

We learned about apparitions and orbs and all of the stories attached to various buildings in downtown Erie that were several hundreds years old. At one point, we were standing outside a house that is now home to college students.  In the middle of Bob’s intriguing story, a young man carrying a twelve pack tapped me on the shoulder, “Um… what’s happening?” Bare in mind, we were standing downtown at 9PM with a large group of people, so I can imagine the student’s surprise when he walked closer and closer to his house (presumably coming from a local beer distributor, considering his cargo) to find a large crowd standing in his rented front lawn. I informed him that a dueling divorced couple once lived in this house and apparently the ex-wife killed off the ex-husband*. He giggled and couldn’t believe it. My aunt, who’d also come, told the college kid that if he wanted to hear anymore stories he’d have to give her a beer because she paid $6 for this tour. College kid didn’t take her up on her proposition.  College kid strolled back to his home, 12 pack in tow and shut the door to his haunted rented house. We carried on.

I don’t want to tell you any of the ghost stories, really, because they aren’t mine to tell.  *Plus, I’m sure I’d mess them up.  Bob is an excellent speaker and included a lot of detail that I’d never be able to reiterate with accuracy. It’s really amazing the amount of history these buildings have. And you’d never know it just walking past.  I have to tell you, for only $6, it was an awesome time and well worth it.  In fact, I am planning on going on another one later in the summer with mom, Mar and Becky.  If you are interested, you should check out their website at where you can find all kinds of information.  That’s how we found out about it.  For us, it was a short drive and fun evening out.

On the website, you will see that there are several pictures that other previous tourists had taken. Bob had asked us to turn the flash off of our cellphones/cameras when we took pictures of any of the houses. This way, whatever you might see in the picture is not the result of light flashing. Orbs, if you believe in them, show up in pictures as balls of light.  Without the flash on, it is impossible for the ball of light to be caused as a result of your camera–which is probably why Bob doesn’t allow there to be any flash photography.  This leads me to something interesting…

Following the tour, mom, Mar, Becky, my aunt and uncle and I went downtown to grab a quick drink.  We bellied up to a bar that has been in Erie for decades. Becky asked her mom to take a picture of her and I.  [Sidenote:  Becky and I have known one another for several years. And she’s appeared on this blog many-a-time…. here and here and here… and she is one of my very best friends of life. Recently, Becky’s grandmother passed away.  Her and her Gram were very close and naturally, it’s been difficult for her and her family.]  So, back to the picture… Becky’s mom, Mar, was holding Becky’s phone and we both leaned in for the picture.  And Mar makes a face at the phone.  I assumed it was a bad picture–like maybe I had a double chin and she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. So Mar instructed us to lean in and retake the picture. So we did.  And then Mar made the same disgruntled face.  At this point, I was convinced I’d grown horns or a beard but instead, Mar asked Becky to help her turn the flash off.  So Becky did. We leaned in for a third time and Mar, officially irritated, said, “I don’t know why this stupid dot is on here!” Becky grabbed her phone from her mom and looked at all three pictures.  In each of the three pictures there was a large white blob right in the picture with us…

Now maybe we were just in the mood to think about orbs and paranormal activity. And maybe I don’t even think half of this stuff is real. Anddd maybe, most likely, there is some kind of scientific explanation for this white dot. But maybe, just maybe, Becky’s Gram was with us… in orb form. And that? That’s pretty cool.


Note: If you are ever looking for something fun to do, I’d highly recommend going on one of these walks.  We had so much fun hearing about the history of some of the oldest buildings in Erie and even though I don’t necessarily personally believe in all of the things I heard on the ghost walk, they were very entertaining and extremely interesting! It’d also be great for a date night; it’s cheap and a great conversation starter! I am taking Corey on one, he just doesn’t know it yet… not that I need a conversation starter… haha.


One Response to “Paranormal Activity?”

  1. Kristy June 27, 2012 at 11:07 am #

    The boys were so happty to see you guys!!! They love those ghosty type of things!!!! 🙂

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