(Step Three) Vacation: Actually Being On Vacation

11 Jul

This has little, if nothing, to do with this post but I need to say it for my own peace of mind… I’ll admit that prior to visiting Cape Cod, I always got annoyed when people referred to it as “The Cape.” However, within the first 10 minutes of experiencing Cape Code, I quickly realized Cape Cod is affectionately called The Cape by people who come from all over the world to enjoy one of our country’s most beautiful and serene landscapes. So I’ve since jumped on “The Cape” bandwagon. (Dad, that paragraph is for you, so stop making fun of me for finally saying “The Cape.” haha)

So, we reached The Cape and we were all slap-happy/cranky from the long drive. We jumped out of the car and high-tailed it to the ocean… this n’ that… you already know that from the previous post…

Unfortunately (or fortunately)–depends on how you look at it– the main house we were going to be staying at was under construction and was not finished.

Attached to the back of the main house is an apartment that of which is also under construction despite the fact that it was intended to be finished by now. Which, really… I mean, construction never goes as planned! That’s just kind of how it is. Behind the 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom main house and the apartment is a cottage, with three bedrooms and nice big deck.

And as you might have guessed, we all moved into the 3 bedroom cottage… all 17 of us: Mom, Dad, Zach, Andrew, Myself, Zoonie, Scott, Kian, Michelle, Colleen, Lowry (Colleen’s husband), Riley (Colleen and Lowry’s daughter), Chloe (Colleen and Lawry’s daughter), Shamus (Scott’s bro), Jodi (Shamus’ wife), Talia (Shamus and Jodi’s daughter), and Owen (Shamus and Jodi’s son).

I’ll admit, my pre-Madonna attitude got the best of me upon receiving the news that we were all living in one house… but then I realized how damn lucky I was to even be at The Cape with such awesome people and I got over my I-have-to-share-a-room-?! issues. I had some pretty decent roommates too…

After checking out the beach and unloading everything we ever owned out of my dad’s truck, it was nap time. We took a solid 4 hour nap and then it was time to vacation.

Zach and Andrew quickly discovered bikes that they could use to explore The Cape on and, of course, “scope out chicks.” (I’m rolling my eyes.)

Of course, we had to got back down to the bay, which was literally footsteps from where we stayed…

The bay has a ton of things living in it… crabs, horse shoe crabs, snails, muscles… fish… And Chloe, Scott’s 8-year-old niece, was more than poised to teach me about them. The girl has no fear; she’d come sprinting up the beach with some wild animal in tow screaming in her Boston accent with excitement… and I’d do best not squirm and flip out.

Chloe, with her Bostonian accent and infectious giggle, was my lil’ side kick during the course of vacation… and without her, I wouldn’t have learned a dang thing about marine life on The Cape.

Another lil’ something I learned while on vacation–well, relearned– was how caring and compassionate my brothers are.

I sneakily took this picture of Zach holding Kian’s hand in the water and it immediately became one of my favorite pictures of all time. Andrew did a lot of really adorable, caring things too but I just didn’t manage to get a good shot of em’ on camera. I love my brothers.

But enough of the sappy crap.

After chilling on the beach and what not, we went to a flea market just down the street from where we were staying. It was here where the must have spring/summer fashion accessory was born: THE FEDORA. You might be thinking that the fedora has been around a long time; however, never has it ever had a detachable strobing light. Yah. Zoonie purchased his fedora–made of 98% paper product–as well as a 5 light bulb attachment for under $5.

And thank goodness he splurged for that dang fedora because later that night the fridge was not keeping the adult beverages at an acceptable cool temperature and he was able to fix that minor dilemma…

The fedora managed to serve many other purposes over the course of the trip. But I certainly can’t divulge all of my vacay stories in just one post… plus this is getting way too long…


Up Next: Ocean Living, Jaws Sighting, Bonfire on the Beach…


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