(Step 4) Vacation: Beach Bummin’ and Bonfires; Jaws

15 Jul

We spent the vast majority of our time at the beach…

We did some evening swimming the first two nights (although, I opted out of that…) and pretty much became the epitome of beach bums. You could have asked me what day it was or what time it was, but I’d have had no clue. Just the way vacation is supposed to be.

Thanks to Riley, Chloe’s older sister, Zach, Andrew and I learned how to boogie board. And despite a few minor mishaps (read: Mother Nature ripping my bikini bottoms off in a wave and exposing my extremely white arse to the entire eastern seaboard;losing my sweet D&G knock off sun glasses) the whole boogie boarding gig was pretty awesome. Prior to Riley teaching us the ole’ “Superman Trick” though, we were all scrapped up and bleeding from the ocean floor. Apparently any experienced boogie boarder knows that you have to pull your legs up (like you’re doing a superman) and then you won’t get your shins ripped off.

But other than boogie boarding, we pretty much just caught some rays. Well, that’s what I did anyway. Zach and Andrew tried to catch some girls…

And because my life is never normal, we couldn’t just go to the Atlantic Ocean without a little extra somethin-somethin going on… Perhaps you heard about the shark sightings on Cape Cod. You know, the 16 foot great white(s)? Naturally, there are sharks in the ocean; however, during the course of our trip there were multiple shark sightings just off the coast… like, within 150 yards of the beach.

According to the local newspapers, sharks follow seals and there had recently been an influx for seals in the area. In order to maintain everyone’s safety, helicopters and planes consistently flew over the beaches scanning the waters for Jaws himself and this what they saw…

(Image borrowed from cbsnews.com)

…just 15-20 miles from where I was loosing my drawers/sunglasses and we were boogie boarding to our hearts desire. And although we were close to this not-so-snuggly-sealife, we never got this close…

Cape Cod Online Newspaper
Contrary to what you’d probably think, we didn’t let the shark ruin our beach time. One of the nights we were on Cape Cod we spent on the beach roasting s’mores over a fire in the sand… just like those Hershey’s commercials you always see starting in mid-May.

Unlike what you see in those glamourous commercials though, we had to scale down the side of a small mountainous sand dune… some of us rolled… some of us sprinted… some of us side-stepped, but regardless we made it.

Looking back at the trip, I’d have to say that this bonfire was probably my favorite moment on the trip. Heck, it is probably going to be one of my fondest memories from the summer. Being from backwoods, PA I’ve had my fair share of bonfires but this one was so different; the waves crashing, sand under my feet. We got to watch a full moon rise over the water and then naturally we had to take 500 pictures using that as the backdrop.

In between photo-ops Andrew started digging a massive hole in the sand, that of which we were told we would have to fill in upon leaving because apparently it posses a safety issue. This hole was more of a Civil War bunker than a hole in the sand and it was complete with a moat and an emergency exit. All of the youngsters diligently assisted the architect, Andrew, in assembling the world’s most extensive hole in the sand.

We stayed late enough for high tide to wash away all of their hard work and then we packed up and retreated up the Grand Canyon massive sand dune, working off the s’mores we indulged in. And even though the massive hole was demolished after a few high-tide waves, we made some pretty awesome memories that even the biggest waves couldn’t ruin.


2 Responses to “(Step 4) Vacation: Beach Bummin’ and Bonfires; Jaws”

  1. Sue Keyes July 15, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Danielle, This was our house that you were staying in. I have really enjoyed your blog (Colleen turned me on to it.) So glad you had fun….The Cape is awesome! I love reading your recollections. Maybe next time the main house will be ready & available.
    Sue K

  2. Colleen July 15, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    Danielle – this is so fun to read and I love seeing the pictures. Thank you for putting our Cape Cod memories in writing! Colleen

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