I started college in the Fall of 2006.
          My first class was Psychology 1501 which was held in large lecture room in Debartlo Hall. With about 150 people filing into the warm lecture hall, I was just hoping to find a good seat. I sat down in the first empty seat I saw, next to a guy who seemed nice enough– dark brown hair, big greenish/brownish eyes, eyelashes that any woman would envy, green flat brimmed hat and high tops. I immediately noticed how cute this guy was, but pretended not to notice. This was my lucky day, I thought to myself.
          Class let out and I whipped out my campus map like a true freshman would. I navigated to Ward Beecher Hall for what would be my first of many English classes. I sat down, pulled out my hot pink folder, matching notebook and pen. Then the really cute guy from Pysch walked in and sat down next to me. I’ll admit my stomach did a few flips, but I attempted to play it cool. That lasted about 30 seconds.  Being what I like to refer to as bold, I looked over at Mr. Luscious Lashes and said, “Hey, you were just in my Pysch class. My name is Danielle.” Luscious Lashes blushed. He responded, “Oh?! Ok. Erm, my name is Corey.”
          Over the course of the semester we exchanged phone numbers, did homework together and came to the quick realization that we both played sports for YSU. Even more ironically, we quickly learned that we were both on pitching scholarships (Corey for Baseball and myself for Softball). We began to build what I like to refer to as a “flirtatious friendship.” But nothing came of it.
          A few semesters rolled by and we kept in touch and randomly ran into one another on campus. I briefly dated a schmuck on the Football team. At the same time my Psychology friend, Luscious Lash Lover Boy (Corey), was dating some girl from another university. But nevertheless we kept in touch.
         Finally, Football Schmuck and I broke up. I was briefly devastated. That Fall I moseyed into a Baseball party where I saw my Psychology love, Corey, being a wall flower. Having liquid courage and being newly single, I waltzed up to Corey and reminded him of when we had Psychology and English together. He giggled. Gosh, his laugh is cute, I thought. Then he batted his big long luscious lashes and told me that he was surprised I remembered Freshman year Psych and English.
          The next morning my phone began to sing my favorite Third Eye Blind song, Never Let You Go. I flipped open my phone to read the message.

          It was from Corey.

          Millions of text messages followed by a few months of dinners, movies, casual hanging out and we decided that we should be exclusive.

Three years, two college degrees, and one move (back to my hometown together) and here we are.  And it couldn’t be better.


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