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Poor Life Decision

11 Feb

Before you roll your eyes and scoff at my winter incompetency, do realize that I am accustomed to feet upon feet of snow–after all, I am an alum of a school whose mascott is a penguin, and was born and raised in the snow belt. Lake effect snow did not mean NO SCHOOL, it meant pond hockey or sledding… after school.   With my own two eyes I’ve seen 3+ feet of thick, sparkling snow.  Not to mention,  I can pack a mean snow ball as well as  throw one at lightening speeds and leave a welt that will last a week, ask my brothers. And for those of us who are used to snow-covered Novembers, Decemebers, and Januarys (and February, March and half of April) Old man winter slept in–so much so that I thought we were just going to skip right to spring.  But that all changed today.

I’ve managed to scoot through most of winter without so much as dusting off my ole’ boots with the fur. And what a wonderful time that was, not having to wear winter-proof footwear. In the dead of winter. In the snow belt.

Ehem, HOWEVER, we got hit with some (semi) significant snow showers this morning here.  And considering we’ve had pretty much no noteworthy snow, I’ve seemingly forgotten how to function in the white fluffy stuff.

Ballet flats are the best invention of life because they are simple, sleek and always fashionable…  except when it is barreling buckets of snow and I am busy shoveling my car out of the peasant parking spot in my driveway. And prior to leaving for my mini-wage mall job today, I failed to look out the window.

My 30 minute commute to work became 45 minutes as I fishtailed my way across town with frost-bitten feet, another stellar contribution compliments of the powder.

And since I was becoming uncharacteristically tense while driving in the sleek conditions with limited visibility, I decided to pull over (stylishly clad in my out-of-seasonal ballet flats and ice cubes for toes) and grab a coffee from my all time fav coffee distributer.

My safe driving winter weather driving commenced and I semi-credit it to my Grande No Whip with Soy Caramel (spelled wrong in the photo^) Macchiato and its sweet frothiness.

In conclusion:

Coffee>Ballet Flats in the snow

[Now I understand why my mother made me wear boots every winter of  my entire life.  Not only is she beautiful, but extremely intelligent.]